• Roger SwihartWelcome to Swihart Sales
  • Motor Mist SprayerGreat to tow with your ATV, or from the back of your truck
  • Little HerculesSmall machine with a powerful punch
  • Cattle Man's Feeder WagonsComplete with Easy Cleanout Features
  • We have Road Grooms also
  • S.I. FEEDERS Excellent Pasture Feeders
  • Beautiful Watusi Cattle..."Yes we raise em"



Swihart Sales Company has been a leader for years in meeting your agricultural needs. From Mist sprayers, road grooms and S.I. Feeders, Swihart Sales Company has the equipment needed to keep a lively and fresh farm, garden and vineyard throughout the year.

Swihart Sales specializes in mist sprayers and blowers, in addition to offering a variety of farm and ranch equipment. The low volume sprayers are perfect for individuals who need a mist sprayer for their Christmas tree farm, vegetable gardens, orchards, nurseries or vineyards. The mist sprayers are also great for spraying cattle, deer, cotton, dairy farms, feed lots, fence rows, livestock, melons, pumpkins, orchards, pecan farms, steep inclines and wet areas.

Swihart’s mist sprayers fit in small areas where larger mist sprayers may not go. Although these are smaller sprayers than traditional row crop sprayers, they offer the same efficiency and power. They deliver complete blowing coverage while using less fuel and labor, offering easy operation, low maintenance, and lower startup costs than many other mist sprayers on the market.

For more information about the mist sprayers and blowers, or any other farm or ranch equipment needed for your farm, contact Swihart Sales today.

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