S.I. Feeders

These S.I. Feeders reduce stress and provides a better environment for the cattle year around. An Arrow Front feeder will take any type of feed to a clean area where it can be consumed with less waste and reduces the manure buildup. An extra advantage is that an electric powered stationary mixer, which costs less to buy and less to run, can be used for a partial or a total mixed ration. This approach requires less power, less concrete, and less manure handling. Swihart-Sales Company is proud to offer a wide variety of S.I. Feeders.

For more information about the specifications of our S.I. feeders, please click here.

Arrow Front - Strongest Front End
• Super strong front steering pipe is built into the feeder
• Slant bars from truss bracing
• Offset spindles create a caster steering angle for safer towing

Arrow Front - Easier Cleaning
• Manager floor is flat on both sides of the center peak out to the bows for easier cleaning

Arrow Front - Larger Drains
• Larger drains allow unobstructed drainage
• Adjustable flaps offer self-cleaning, of unwanted feeds, by the sorting action of the livestock
Arrow Front - Feed Savings
• Slant bars save feed
• Deep manger retains feed
• Round tubing reduces bruising to livestock
• Floor saving manger is tapered in, so feed will slide back and avoid accumulation
• Wide center peak channels feed for easy reach
• Inside bows control feed flow

Arrow Front - Wagon Strength
• Fully welded unibody construction
• Inside bows are welded solid to the floor
• Rounded rail for strength and safety
• Heavy one piece pan up to 20'
• High center peak provides major support


S.I. Feeders available in 12', 16', 20', 24' 30' and 26' lengths