Road Grooms

The 11 ft. Road Groom has 8 blades totaling 31 feet. It cuts, fills, and spreads in one fast, easy operation. At approximately 2,280 lbs the Road Groom can be pulled by a pickup, tractor or dump truck, with grading speeds around 20 mph.

• Requires minimal training for operation
• Very few moving parts to replace or repair
• Frost boils, soft spots dry & heal over quicker
• Leaves no windrow that could be a traffic hazard
• Sizes: 4 ft., 8 1/2 ft., 11 ft., and 13 ft. models available

For more information about our road grooms and how our clients are using them for simple road grading, we invite you to view our brochure or read more about its use bettering Oklahoma roads.